A downloadable game for Windows

As I delved deeper into the desert looking for something meaningful or relevant to my situation, I arrived at a tunnel...

movement = w a s d

space = handbrake/jump

interact = e

go back/get out = q

crouch = ctrl

use = left mouse

enter = skip intro

esc = exit game

Special thanks to my brother Chady (chadiik)

Thanks to the blender community,  Pixabay community

CarSetup.py  Blender 2.6 tutorial can be found at


Released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.  

script has been modified by "SuperGloop"

Pixelate.py Author SL_RU. e-mail: [sl_ru@live.com](http://vk.com/write?email=sl_ru@live.com)

Install instructions

Extract zip file in folder

Run SNS000.exe


SNS000.zip 281 MB


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Thank you Neco the Sergal :)

Based on how blank most of this store is, with one screencap, I'd argue most people would avoid it and think it's a possible virus. Though, I felt like I was able to peer into that one image and see "It might be interesting" if there is zero deception, I'd say, having trusted my senses, that I made the right choice and found an interesting but strange game