A downloadable game

After a while the entity stopped talking, something, have changed...

movement = w a s d

arrow keys = move through dialogue

space = handbrake/jump

interact = e

go back/get out = q

crouch = ctrl

use = left mouse

enter = skip intro/choose

esc = exit game

... = Stare

Special thanks to my brother Chady (chadiik)

(Thanks to the blender community,  Pixabay community)

(CarSetup.py  Blender 2.6 tutorial can be found at


Released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.  

script has been modified by "SuperGloop")

(Pixelate.py Author SL_RU. e-mail: [sl_ru@live.com](http://vk.com/write?email=sl_ru@live.com))

Thanks to ThaTimster

Install instructions

Extract folder, play game.


SNS000_Chapter_0.zip 673 MB